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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review: Digital Imaging Essentials by Geoffrey D. Rasmussen

Rasmussen, Geoffrey D. Digital Imaging Essentials: Techniques and Tips for Genealogists and Family Historians. Geoff Rasmussen. 2012. Index. Paper, $19.95. eBook, $14.95.

Many of you will recognize this author from his presentations at genealogy conferences and as the host of Legacy Family Tree's webinar series. I've enjoyed his enthusiastic and informative presentations on Legacy software as well as the webinars. He brings that same enthusiasm to his recent book which successfully demystifies working with digital cameras and images for genealogists.

In his book, he provides basic definitions and overviews of terminology, procedures and related to digital photography. The information is straightforward and easy to understand. I appreciated his focus on Adobe Elements 11 (the most current release of this popular software!) and Picasa.

This is a well-rounded introduction to digital photography for those of us who struggled with each advance in camera evolution--from Brownie to Polaroid to 35mm to digital. Digital Imaging Essentials won't be the only guide you need, but it's an excellent starting point if you're the slightest bit nervous about digital photography. Publishing the book in print and eBook formats is not only logical, it gives readers needed flexibility to access information when and where they need it.

About the formats. I downloaded the eBook and pre-ordered the paper edition from Legacy. After reading it on my pc, I uploaded a copy to my iPhone 3GS so I could refer to some of the information if (when) I splurge on a new digital camera. The whole process was very easy and the version on the iPhone is as readable as the one on my pc. The paper edition arrived a couple of weeks later and I found it has the same layout and illustrations as the eBook. Rasmussen also points out that the eBook will be updated as needed--a definite advantage.

This title appears to be for sale only at Legacy Family Tree in eBook (available to download right away) or paper editions. Special holiday pricing is also offered. If you plan to borrow the book from your local library, you may have a long wait--only a few public libraries list it in their catalogs. No library admits to owning the eBook edition--although I imagine this will change.

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