"Beyond the age of information is the age of choices." Charles Eames. Hartman, Carla and Eames Demetrios. 100 Quotes by Charles Eames, p. 40.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome to Blogging About GenBooks

In Blogging about GenBooks, I'll review, evaluate, and make recommendations for books (in all their many glorious formats) all about genealogy, family history, and related topics.
Fresh out of library school, the first genealogy book I purchased for my personal library was Cite Your Sources by Richard S. Lackey. Now, I collect mostly books about research techniques and places my ancestors lived. I started with Personal Ancestral File and am now on Rootsmagic 5. As an amateur genealogist, my research experience in the past 20+ years has been mostly focused on California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. I'm always interested in learning about new methods, technology, and research opportunities.
The heart of my career as a librarian is to connect people with the books they want to read, the ones that meet their needs. I'll write reviews about books I've read and/or used to help you connect with the best sources for your genealogy research. Here's what you can expect from each review:
  • An overview of the book’s content, author’s background, and any additional features (such as indexes or illustrations).
  • An evaluation of the pros and cons of the book and how it compares to similar titles.
  • My recommendation as to which researchers will benefit the most from this book, so you can decide if it’s right for you.
  • Information you need to buy, borrow and/or otherwise access the book.
  • Disclosure about how I obtained copies for reviews. Beyond the simple pleasures of evaluating books and sharing my opinions, I am not paid for reviews.


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  2. Dear Andrea, Looks like a good informative blog that I think will help many of us out there. Thanks for starting it and good luck to you.
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